Milwaukee Office/Classroom

4342 South 27th Street

Lower Level

Milwaukee, WI 53221


Oak Creek and Surrounding Area

For this area, only behind the wheel and online classroom are offered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Free pick up and drop off from home/school etc if you live within one of our many driving areas for behind the wheel lessons! 


what days do you have teen lessons?  This varies depending on the time of year, and the instructor that covers your area. We do our best to have as much weekend availability as possible during the school year particularly sundays which we know is the only day off for a lot of our students.

Our March class runs mon-thurs, our summer classes run mon-Fri. All classes are 15 2hr sessions. 

$349 complete traditional teen program 

What areas do you pick up and drop off for behind the wheel lessons? 

These are the newly updated expanded driving areas starting May 2018

Areas with a * are partially covered 

Our driving areas include: Oak Creek, the city of south milwaukee, cudahy, st Francis, greenfield, greendale, Caledonia and surrounding areas* north of 3 mile Rd and east of 94, Franklin* east of 84th st, Milwaukee/West allis zip codes 53221, 53207, 53219, 53220, 53227* And 53228* east of 84th street only, 53215* south of Burnham, 53204* south of burnham and west of s.6th street. 

im not sure if I’m in your driving area? Just send us an email with your address to inquire and we can let you know! 

What if I am outside your driving area can I attend your school? Absolutely! You’ll just need to choose a pick up and drop off address within our driving area for your lessons.

$349 Complete Traditional Teen Program. 30 hrs of interactive learning in one of our classrooms 6 hrs of Driving 6 hrs of Observation. Payment plan available. Students must be between 15 and 17.5  Students Taking this program who are paid in full and 15.5 or older are eligible to get their permit after the 4th day of classroom if they pass pass the permit test which is given in class

 Payment plan:

minimum $75 payment due on the first day of each week of Classroom.

the remaining balance due within 90 days of completing class or when the student picks up their mv3001 form to get their permit, whichever comes first. 

In person office hours are by appointment only. We are generally there in the evenings during the school year. And earlier over the summer when kids are not in school. Please call in advance if you need to pick up paperwork. 

behind the wheel only teen 6/6 $289 


Online Classroom and behind the wheel:

classroom $95

Receive a $20 discount on behind the wheel for $269 if you use our partner school KC’s and choose safety first as your behind the wheel school regaurly price $289  

*prices subject to change at any time

Do you ever have discounts/Sales: occasionally on the traditional teen program. If we do it will be on our facebook follow us there. We have a special going on for our 5/7 class. 

I completed my online class now what? If your student is 15.5-17.5 email us or give us a call to set up a time to come in and sign up and pay for the behind the wheel course at our main office at 4342 s. 27th Street milwaukee so 53221. We are generally in the office Mon-thurs excluding holidays. Contracts must be signed by a parent. We will then issue your MV3001 form to take to the DMV to take your permit test. You will need to have a printed copy of your completion with you, if you are unable to print it please let us know ahead of time so we can have you forward it to us, print it for you and have it ready. While it’s great if the student csn Be there it’s not required l.

. Price for behind the wheel $289 or $269 if you used our partner school 


What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay for the teen traditional course or Teen behind the wheel only package via cash, check, or credit card. (Visa, MasterCard or discover)

I took classroom with you (or online ) I have my permit how do I sign up for behind the wheel?  You (or your student) were given a handout with all of this information. If they took classroom it was also thoroughly gone over. You will need to email us to request the link for online scheduling, please include the students name. We only give it out to our current driving students. A new week of lessons is added every Thursday (excluding holidays at around 3Pm) Students may have 1 lesson scheduled at a time. When they complete that lesson or cancel it they may schedule another. Students who stay on top of scheduling should expect to take a lesson about once every 3 weeks. This will get your student done in 18 weeks. They need to have their permit for a minimum of 26 weeks. (6 months) Students tend to do really well scheduling themselves and can do it that from their phones. Driving is a huge responsibility and scheduling their own lessons is a good place to start.  Students must have their permit for at least 6 months, have completed class and all makeup work and all their lessons before taking their road test. 6 months is the minimum time period. Students who put off taking their lessons or cancel will not get done in 6 months. 


your contract with the school and lessons are good for 1 year from the date you signed it. Or until you turn 18 whichever comes first. 

Your permit is good for 1 year unless the state revoked it for tickets/ non compliance. 



Adult lessons are $50 per hr private lesson. You never pre-pay for non refundable lessons you don’t use or that an instructor doesn’t show up for like other schools. You pay your instructor upon arrival for your lesson.